Can WhatsApp be used as the solution for your employees?


There is an increasing trend these days to use texting applications ranging from WhatsApp to Hike to WeChat to Telegram. The applications help users communicate easily with each other instantly. Having said that, these applications are great to use outside the corporate workplace environment. Usage of these for corporate communications present a set of challenges relating to security and confidentiality.

The question then on the minds of CXOs is what is the solution to support mobile communications in the workplace without jeopardising security or confidentiality? The answer is an enterprise level texting app.

An enterprise messaging application offers the same ease of use and speed as other public apps and at the same time ensures that the communication is private and secure.

Employees these days are on the move and often tend to work remotely be it from coffee shops or during commutes from one meeting to another. For such a class of people, mobile devices are a boon and provide connectivity with the team members. Different types of documents such as photos or plain text can be shared securely and easily.

When using mobile devices for business needs say for the BFSI or the healthcare verticals, there can be no two thoughts about the criticality of security and confidentiality. An enterprise messaging application will help save all conversations in a secure repository. This allows employees to communicate with ease while the IT team can rest assured with both security and compliance being attended to.

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