Whatsapp-vs-Telemessage insights

450 million monthly worldwide active users, over 320 million daily active users, and ‘only’ 1.6 billion photos sent each day! You guessed right, we’re talking about WhatsApp.

What began as an application for private users very quickly became a means of communication within the workplace and of course amongst friends. With the intensive use of smartphones, it is no surprise that in certain cases it even competes with emails in and around organizations.

Unfortunately, in many cases that include sensitive company information, and more often than not information which is confidential.

The extensive use of WhatsApp is causing sensitive information to be leaked more and more often, making the confidential data reach further than it should ever get to. You need not look further than the employee who is no longer in the company, however, has remained in the WhatsApp group to ‘stay in touch.’


Your WhatsApp conversations are only as safe as your password, which often can be cracked within a few attempts. In the past, news came out of an iPhone that was stolen from a nurse within a Healthcare facility in Philadelphia. They now have to deal with a HIPAA fine of $650 000.


The culture of sharingShare-button on social media has taken the world by storm making stories and content go viral within hours of being uploaded onto the internet. Wherever we look whether it is on our mobile or on our desktop, we are bombarded by little buttons urging us to SHARE.

Whatsapp is one of the lead instigators in creating viral content due to the nature of the conversation between family and friends and of course the need to share the latest juicy piece of information, the fresher it is the faster it spreads! it’s as simple as that, the human mind is hardwired – and therefore craves – to aspire to always being the first.


Secure Communication is key, no matter what business you’re in!

Mobile Messaging is used constantly to ensure productivity and is hands down the best way to get important information to the right people when it counts.

We pride ourselves in our ability to keep your data Safe, Secure, and Managed.

The Comparison below between TeleMessage and WhatsApp will give you a better insight into our advanced messaging capabilities and help you understand why we are the best messaging solution when it comes to delivering critical, sensitive and useful information in real time.

Max recipients in the text group chat 500+ 256
Max text recipients in the group distribution 30,000 256
Text messages
Voice messages
Voice calls
Send audio, video, documents
Archiving information centrally
Company can get access to messages when required
HIPAA/SOX compliancy
Application vendor uses message meta data for marketing
Guaranteed SLA and Uptime
Option to install On-premises
Option to run as a Cloud SaaS
Statistics about usage patterns inside organization
Corporate administration directory and security settings
Time-limited messages
Enforce PIN code entry
Confined App storage for files, documents and images
Company contacts and groups import
Separate work and personal messages
Remote wipe and lock of the app
Developer APIs to integrate with IT systems
App white labeling capabilities
Communicate with App and Non App users in same message

+ Number of participants in chat is configurable, can reach 1000’s in on-premises deployments.

* Currently the TeleMessage App generates voice calls via the PSTN network, during 2017 we’ll release our WebRTC IP calling with End-to-End Encryption, Business Recording & Archiving capabilities.

To learn more about how TeleMessage, an enterprise messaging app help support a mobile-centric, user friendly and secure workplace contact us on sales@esperti.co.in