TeleMessage in Healthcare

TeleMessage lets doctors, nurses, healthcare providers communicate faster and more efficiently, while remaining 100% HIPAA-compliant. Using the devices that they already own, healthcare professionals can securely text ePHI, including files, pictures and videos to one another.

The benefits of secure text messaging, whether used in large hospitals or small private practices are endless:

  • Comply with HIPAA and industry regulations
  • Improve communication between physicians, nurses and caregivers
  • Address patient needs more rapidly
  • Increase workflow efficiency and make decisions in real-time

The TeleMessage App protects patient information, ensures message security and is HIPAA compliant:

  • Messages are encrypted from end-to-end and during transport
  • Data is archived and retained
  • User identities are identified and authenticated, so only authorized users are able to communicate amongst each other
  • Only administrators are able to access user information, and add, remove, or suspend user accounts
  • Users will always know when their messages have been sent, delivered, read and expired
  • Our server architecture leverages the scalability of the cloud and is geo-distributed to give uninterrupted service
  • Features such as message self-destruct, remote lock & wipe, passcode protection provide additional security

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