Benefits of Nurse Call Systems for the Healthcare Industry

Nurse call systems are an increasingly prevalent piece of apparatus within care homes and nursing facilities and when you take a look at the benefits of this type of medical equipment, it quickly becomes apparent just how instrumental they are when it comes to improving patient safety and streamlining nurse’s workload and making them more efficient in general.

But what are the main benefits of installing nurse call systems within healthcare facilities and why are they become such an essential tool for nurses and healthcare professionals?

A Brief Overview of Nurse Call Systems

In a nutshell, nurse call systems are a form of early warning system which allows an alarm to be raised when a patient of a hospital or resident of a care home requires medical assistance from a member of the nursing staff. It allows nurses to react in a much more timely fashion and gives them a much better overview of the facility as the vast majority of today’s wireless nurse call systems are multi-zonal and allow nurses to oversee their patient’s requirements much more efficiently. The main facilities in which this type of technology is typically deployed is that of:

  • Residential care homes
  • Hospitals
  • Hospices
  • Medical clinics

All of the above healthcare facilities are likely to have some form of nurse call system installed on their premises as they are becoming ever more essential to help guarantee patient safety and also to provide peace of mind to the relatives of loved ones within the hospital or care home. Three of the biggest advantages that emerge through the use of nurse call systems include:

  1. Cost – Nurse call systems are a highly cost-effective solution for monitoring the wellbeing of patient’s and ensures that their requirements are met as fast as possible to help avoid any unnecessary suffering or discomfort. This type of technology allows nurses to monitor different zones within a hospital environment and this can help reduce costs in terms of staffing.
  2. Speed – When it comes to looking after patients or residents in hospitals and care homes, there is nothing more important than responding to emergency rapidly and nurse call systems are a piece of technology which admirably facilitate this.
  3. Versatility – This form of technology is highly versatile and can be adaptable to most situations within a hospital or care home facility. Nurse call systems will act as the sort of early warning system that is necessary to improve patient safety records and ensure that patients are treated as quickly as possible.

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