Wireless Nurse Call Systems in India

Nurse call systems have revolutionised the way in which patients communicate with their care givers and hence the health care industry as a whole all over the world. With the advent of wireless nurse call systems in India, this improvement in communication has only risen further. Wires are no longer the limiting factor and the absence has only taken the health care industry into another league.

We are pleased to introduce Wireless Nurse call systems from Medicare, UK which are HTM compliant and work on radio frequency. Thus you don’t need to worry about any kind of interference with medical equipment.

From a patient’s perspective, nurse call stations no longer have a fixed location. The button can be fixed onto the bed head panel for easy access or carried around when patients are not confined to the bed. If the patient is confined to bed, we have the pear push button which can be clipped to the patient’s uniform or to the pillow cover. These features allow patients who rely on the help of nurses, when they are in dire need, to be able to effortlessly ask for help.

The systems are splash proof and so can be fitted in the toilets as well. The Wireless nurse call system can also be attached to a lanyard, allowing patients to be able to go for a walk in the passage or outside, yet be comforted that help is just a press of the button away.

For nurses / caregivers, the nurse call system allows for immediate response to a query. Nurses no longer have to be stationed at the main station to be able to know when help is required. There can be door lights outside the room to indicate if the patient inside has called. We can have workflows defined so that if the patient is not attended to in say 5 minutes, the call would be escalated to some other nurse station or maybe the Head of Nursing as the requirement may be.

Where can one use Nurse Call Systems?

Suggested areas of usage of Nurse call systems include but are not limited to:

  • Hospitals – The obvious usage is to call a nurse or call for assistance when the patient needs it.
  • Day clinics, nursing homes or old age centres need nurse call systems that are on the go. Patients here, are into their recovery process and this means starting to get by on their own, though still with direct access to medical staff. Wireless call buttons allow for these patients to be able to roam about freely and take in their leisurely walks by carrying it around with them. If they would need help getting back to their room, then a simple press on the call button would give them instant help.
  • At Home use is widely becoming an angle for care, whether for a person in recovery or for old age care. The simple system makes the installation of nurse call systems a breeze. This need no longer be a drawn out process of getting the wiring up and then hassling with the interiors.

In the next few posts, we will talk about the different components of a Wireless Nurse Call system and their functions.

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