Infant Protection System

The original nurse-friendly infant protection system Accutech’s Cuddles infant protection system combines patented tags and bracelets with advanced RFID technology to help prevent abductions while also helping to ensure the general safety and security of infants. Easy-to-use hardware and software work seamlessly, enabling nurses to spend less time managing a “system” and more time focusing on what matters most—caring for their little patients.

System features:

• Mother /baby match
• Multiple-floor monitoring capability
• Unique patient-to-floor transfer
• Low-interference 418 MHz frequency
• Full spectrum of upgradeable security platforms
• Tag supervision
• Loiter, door-ajar and supervisor notification
• Dual-conditioning to prevent false alarms
• Alarm information with complete history
• Complete fire panel interfacing with NFPA magnetic door locks

The growing need for infant security

It’s an unfortunate reality: infant abductions in hospitals are on the rise. In fact, hospitals now warn new parents to be aware of possible attempts. With nursing shortages impacting many facilities, 24-hour vigilance is simply not feasible without a reliable infant protection system in place.

Accutech’s Cuddles system, deployed in the maternity ward and delivery areas of your hospital, provides the level of security you need for complete peace of mind.

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