Let’s go Wireless using Medicare Nurse Call System

If you have realised the total cost of your wired Nurse Call System, it is now time to plan and replace it with Medicare Wireless Radio Nurse Call Systems.

Quick to fit, HTM standards compliant and excellent value for money, the Medicare HTM series Nurse Call system is designed for ease of use, and built to withstand the demands of the busiest hospital environment.

From initial consultation through to installation and after-sales support, we offer a professional and friendly service, from scoping through to after-sales support.

  • No Wiring so save on Material and Maintenance
  • Buy Just in Time
  • Easy Programming
  • Low Inventory Cost
  • Maximum up time
  • Installation in 2-3 days
  • Easy to move in changed room layout
  • Reporting and Escalation helps improve Quality

Where can one use Nurse Call Systems?

Suggested areas of usage of Nurse call systems include but are not limited to:

Hospitals – The obvious usage is to call a nurse or call for assistance when the patient needs it.
Day clinics, nursing homes or old age centres need nurse call systems that are on the go. Patients here, are into their recovery process and this means starting to get by on their own, though still with direct access to medical staff. Wireless call buttons allow for these patients to be able to roam about freely and take in their leisurely walks by carrying it around with them. If they would need help getting back to their room, then a simple press on the call button would give them instant help.

At Home use is widely becoming an angle for care, whether for a person in recovery or for old age care. The simple system makes the installation of nurse call systems a breeze. This need no longer be a drawn out process of getting the wiring up and then hassling with the interiors.

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