Wander Management: What to Know When Evaluating Solutions

You’ve decided to purchase a wander management solution to protect your residents, but your next decision isn’t as easy: choosing the right wander management solution to fit your facility’s needs. Different vendors offer different services, functionality, pricing and more. Few important features to consider when evaluating potential solutions.


  • Delivery typically takes at least a week, but installation also plays a part in the time it takes to get up and running.
  • Be sure to ask if delivery and installation are included in your purchase price, or are separate charges (include this in your pricing comparison among vendors).
  • It is highly recommended to let the vendor install your equipment, or to use vendor-recommended installers.

Power Source/ Maintenance

  • Evaluate the power source of each potential system.
    Is power centralized or local? Is battery backup available if there’s a power outage?
  • Consider annual maintenance needs and costs, including replacing batteries or transmitters.
  • Expect your wander management system to have a 10-year lifespan, on average, although technology upgrades and other factors may change that.

Additional Considerations

  • Consider purchasing the most technologically advanced solution, as technology advances quickly and you want your solution to be as current and effective as possible.
  • Don’t limit your wander management to just monitoring doors or other “escape” routes. Also consider monitoring areas residents should not be.
  • Wander management systems are either Wi-Fi or RF, BLE or a combo of all three. Each offers its own benefits and downfalls, so research what is best for your facility before purchasing.

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