Wireless Nurse Call Systems in Hospitals

In hospitals, care homes and other similar organisations, It is frequent for patients to constantly ask for help.

Time is the essence as it can be a matter of life and death. If the patient can’t get timely assistance, it not only delays treatments but also greatly affects the whole image of the institution. It is vital for the management of such institutions to ensure that convenient and rapid assistance can be provided when needed. A wireless calling system is a necessary solution for such organisations enabling provision of timely professional service and emergency help if required.

Medicare systems are an innovative, cost-effective way for patients to call for assistance at any time just by pressing a button. It is easy to use and allows reaching out to the caregiver no matter where they are.

The system is designed to provide patients with better quality service and helps you in monitoring your staff’s performance. The system records all the information from the patients and the time taken to respond.

Medicare is UK based and the systems are HTM compliant. Health Technical Memoranda (HTMs) give comprehensive advice and guidance on the design, installation and operation of specialised building and engineering technology used in the delivery of healthcare. Some of the notable features of Medicare systems are:

  • For high dependency unit, (Code Blue) they have a specific single blue button unit
  • Panels are colour-coded to meet HTM guidelines
  • Calls tones are as per their HTM specifications
  • Lights are colour coded in line with HTM guidance.

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