Fall Prevention And Anti Wandering Systems

Falls and wandering are becoming a big issue even in developing countries.

Hospitals have stepped up their efforts to prevent falls. Injuries from falls are detrimental to the health of the patients and can create longer stays in the hospital and in some instances start a downward turn in their overall health. And unfortunately, sometimes falls can even cause death. Falls can be very expensive for the hospital as well as it could lead to legal complications what with cases of medical negligence etc. coming up.

The wireless products that we offer are very popular for fall prevention.

We do recommend that the components are tested regularly to confirm they are working as designed. The pads have a grid for the nurse to write the start date and end date on to ensure that they replace the pad before it expires. This date information can be kept in an additional location to be reviewed regularly. The range for these components is usually not a problem. We don’t want the nurse too far away when they receive an alert that they can’t get to the patient before they are out of bed and at risk of falling.

Our monitors have a “Low Battery” indicator so they would know when to replace the batteries.

The TL-2016 monitor is a nice blend in products. The pad is connected to the monitor but you also have an optional pager that receives a wireless signal. It allows more freedom for the nurses to be able to take care of their duties and not be tied to a desk waiting for alerts.

We also have shorter term pads that would be more appropriate for hospitals. The pads are designed for single patient use and should not be moved from patient to patient.

Falls risk at night are high everywhere in the world whether developed or developing country. If the bed pad is placed under the shoulders, when the pressure is removed as they begin to sit up, the alert is activated. This will allow the nurse enough time to get to them and help them get out of bed and not fall. Placing the bed pad under the hips works for patients that are a wander risk (not a fall risk).

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