DripAssist: The simplest IV Infusion Management

Safe, Accurate IV Medication Administration

Now, there’s an alternative to a pump that gives you the same accuracy without requiring regular training, maintenance, or expensive consumables.

The award-winning DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor makes it simple to be in control of your infusions with the accuracy you need.

DripAssist easily clips onto any gravity drip set to precisely measure flow rate and volume, for any IV medication or fluid.


– Quickly and easily manage infusions

Manage and monitor IV drips easily without pumps – no programming, no drop counting. Use with any tubing set and size. Never worry about calibration.

– Proven precision for every IV infusion

Counts drops accurately within 1% for constant, reliable monitoring. Know the exact volume infused at all times.
Optional rate alarm lets you know when the rate changes or the bag is empty.

– For all care environments, worldwide

Costs a fraction of the price of an infusion pump, so you can monitor more patients with less expense. Portable and AA-battery operated with proven durability in any setting.

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