DripAssist Veterinary Infusion Rate Monitor

Make every drop count in your canine blood transfusions.

DripAssist turns your gravity drip set into a powerful transfusion tool that combines the highest level of cell viability with continuous and precise monitoring.

DripAssist helps you accurately monitor the rate and volume of RBC tranfusions without a pump.

Transfusion by pump or syringe can result in RBC damage.
Monitored gravity delivery is the most effective option.

Emerging research shows that mechanical delivery of RBCs is associated with a high risk of cell damage and loss.

* Know how much you’ve administered

Displays total volume transfused

* Carefully monitor your tranfusion rate

Calculates and displays drip rate to ensure accuracy

* Eliminate the need for frequent checks

Optional alarm when flow rate changes or bag is empty

• No calibration or maintenance
• Uses one AA battery
• Learn in less than five minutes

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