The Simplest IV Infusion Management

Now, there’s an alternative to a pump that gives you the same accuracy without requiring regular training, maintenance, or expensive consumables.


  • Quickly and easily manage infusions:
    Manage and monitor IV drips easily without pumps – no programming, no drop counting. Use with any tubing set and size. Never worry about calibration.
  • Proven precision for every IV infusion:
    Counts drops accurately within 1% for constant, reliable monitoring. Know the exact volume infused at all times. Optional rate alarm lets you know when the rate changes or the bag is empty.
  • For all care environments, worldwide:
    Costs a fraction of the price of an infusion pump, so you can monitor more patients with less expense. Portable and AA-battery operated with proven durability in any setting.


  • Outpatient and Ambulatory Infusion – Saving Nursing Time and Reducing Costs Chemotherapy, Antibiotics, IVIG, Chronic Inflammatory Disease
  • Maternal Care – Safer Labor and Delivery Magnesium Sulfate, Oxytocin
  • Paediatric and Elderly Care – Fluid Management
  • Pre-Hospital Medication Administration Vasopressors – Epinephrine, Dopamine
  • Infectious Disease Management – Quinine, Fluid Management For Cholera

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