DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor

Get reliable, affordable Continuous Monitoring for your gravity infusion.

Traditional Gravity Infusion

(Continously Monitored)

Setting a Drip Rate

Clinician must count drops and calculate drip rate when setting up and checking drips, which can take up to a minute or more several times per infusion.

DripAssist automatically counts and calculates drip rate as the clinician adjusts the roller clamp. Once rate is set, clinician can easily check drip rate by glancing at the screen.

Rate Changes

Once drip rate is set, there’s no way to know when changes occur. Drip rate must be checked repeatedly due to dynamic factors such as remaining volume, bag height and patient position and movement.

DripAssist Monitors drip rate continously throughout the infusion. If rate chnages for any reason, the clinician is alerted with an audiovisual alarm.

Clinician Time Investment

Clinician must check drip rate periodically, manually counting drops and performing rate calculations. Periodic monioring requires as much as fifteen minutes of clinician time per four-hour adminstration period.

By making the current drip rate visible at a glance, DripAssist speeds both the initial rate setting and any subsequent resets, while eliminating the need to check the rate periodically. Over the course of a four-hour infusion. DripAssist can reduce the clinician time required in half.


Gravity Infusion is only periodically monitored, and rate can decrease, increase, or stop altogether before clinician intervention. Periodically monitored gravity infusion is commonly off-target by up to 25%.

DripAssist monitors drip rate continuously, preventing inaccuracy by alerting clinician when rate changes. Internal studies show DripAssist allows clinicians to deliver infusions within 5% of target rate and volume.

When infusion pumps aren’t the right solution, you turn to gravity infusion. But setting up a gravity drip is time consuming. And once you leave the patient’s bedside, there’s no way to know if something goes wrong.

The DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor is the game changer. DripAssist gives you the fast, easy setup of gravity infusion with the effiency that comes with continous monitoring.

DripAssist isn’t a pump. It’s a simple monitor that counts every drop with 99% accuracy. DripAssist doesn’t need calibration, runs off a single AA battery, and requires mere minutes of training.

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