Get Tag Information Anytime, Anywhere

We’re always connected. Be it our cell phones, tablets, televisions, or computer screens—we have what we want and need at our fingertips.

And your nurses should too.

Having the information they want and need at their fingertips is vital—and in some cases life-saving. Can your nurses see important information about their patients and their patients’ security tags from the palm of their hand?

Take away some of the inefficiencies and challenges in the day-to-day of your staff with mobile tag testers. No more walking to the nurse’s station to see how much battery life is left on a certain tag or manually testing if the individual tags are working properly. Instead every nurse can see the information they want to see, when they need to see it.

Knowing that your patients are safe and secure is important. Make sure your nurses have the flexibility to review tag information anytime, anywhere with these new options from Accutech Security.

Description At the tag test station From a mobile tag tester (ID-TAD)

Tag/band has modern,discreet look and feel

See remaining battery percentage per tag

Check the warranty date

Read any notes other nurses
may have added about this tag

Switch tags “on” and “off”

Run reports on each tag

Guarantee nothing will be lost—the tag test station is at a permanent location; and tag testers alarm is anyone attempts to remove them from the facility

Get the information they need anytime, anywhere

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