Finding the Right Wander Management Solution

For long-term care and senior living facilities, the health and safely of residents is paramount. Unfortunately, many residents in these communities suffer from Alzheimer’s, dementia or other conditions that leave them susceptible to elopement.


Look for a vendor that offers options to grow as your needs expand. This may mean multiple product options, or simply just a customizable, modular solution that you can grow into.

Integration Options

Integration with your facility’s systems (especially your nurse call system) is essential for an effective wander management system. As you evaluate options, opt for a solution that has custom configuration options, so you can ensure it meets your needs today and in the the future.

The tags residents wear are fundamental to a wander management system. Look for the following when it comes to tags:

  • How long do they last?
  • Is there an expiration date on the tag?
  • Can you turn tags on and off in needed?
  • Is the band durable and unable to be ripped off?
  • Is there a waterproof tag option?

  • Can the tags identify individual residents, or is it simply a general alarm triggered?
  • Can you see the exact battery percentage left on the tag?
  • Do the bands/tags have a modern,discreet design, or an institutional look and feel similar to a hospital bracelet?

Alarm Accuracy & Reliability

Ask about interference. You don’t want tags that will catch interference from other devices like cell phones, lighting ballasts, or floor buffers, triggering false alarms. Also if you have multiple floors, or doors close together, ensure that the alarm can distinguish the correct location.

Hardware & Software

Ask vendors about the hardware and/or software associated with their wander management solution. Is there an option for a comprehensive system without he need for a computer? Conversely, is there an integrated software platform as a potential Upgrade?

Technical Support

With a vital system like wander management, quality technical support is a must. Ask what the implementation and training process is. Ensure you have local service and support if you need it. Most importantly, make sure you have 24/7 technical support available if needed.

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