Bapist Health Case Study- Infant Protection

Baptist Health is located in Louisville, Kentucky, and has approximately 4,000 births per year. Their maternity ward can accommodate up to 42 families, but there are overflow rooms available as well. Melissa Carter, Health Unit Coordinator with Bapist Health, said “We really have no limit on how many babies we can have no limit on how many babies we can have at one time. As long as we have a crib, we can have the baby. We’ve never had a situation where we had too many births to accommodate.”

The Challenge

In 2016, Baptish Health was concerned that its infant protection system needed updating. Their system relied on older technology that tipped off 5-8 false alarms a day, and staff encountered issues regularly. Nurses wasted time handling these false alarms- each alert took 5 minutes to clear, wasting up to 40 minutes a day. What’s more, the false alarms created a”cry wolf” mentality- so Baptish Health had concerns that real alarms might be taken less seriously.

Additionally, the former system didn’t specify what was wrong when alarms did go off, so nurses had to drop what they were doing to find the baby and handle band issues. The need for a more intuitive system was clear.

Everyday issues added up to staff frustration and ineffieciency. Baptish Health sought a better infant protection solution that solved those problems.

The Solution

Baptish Health evaluated other options and found cuddles to be the best infant protection system. It integrated with their other safely components to creat a higher lever of protection.

Staff loved the upgrade. When a band problem or other alert occurs, Cuddles offers specifics about the issue, eliminating tedious troubleshooting and allowing staff to prioritize issues. Staff don’t have to be at the nurse station to get an alert, as Cuddles integrates with pagers and other devices. Plus, it incorporates various visual and auditory alarms, including flashing overhead lights, to notify staff quickly and ensure action is taken immediately.

Adding Cuddles to their other safety protocols created a highly secure ward that Baptist Health is proud of and parents love. Melissa shared: “We explain the various protections we have in place to the parents, and they love knowing their baby is safe and secure.”

Cuddles provides unique benefits:

– Always secure self-adjusting soft bracelets
– System that continues to function even if you PC and network go down
– Fewer false alarms because of unique wireless frequency
– Integrates seamlessly with existing platforms and devices

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