Loretto Health and Rehab ResidetGuard Case Study


Loretto Health and Reha is located in Syracuse, NY. They are a long-term care facility with over 580 beds and 150 post-acute beds.

The facility’s parent company, Loretto, owns several other facilities throughout Central New York. Throughout its history, Loretto has focused on responding to community needs in an innovative, caring fashion. Today, Loretto serves nearly 10,000 individuals a year through its extensive network of services.

The Challenge

Loretto Health and Rehab had been relying on a system that was 20 years old. This system provided little flexibility in configuration and functionality. Jack Please, an Administrator at Loretto Health and Rehab, was looking for an integrated call/wander system that would allow them to expeditiously respond to wander and elopement events.

When providing independence to residents, they were concerned they were putting them at risk for elopement.

The Solution

Loretto Health and Rehab explored multiple options before deciding Accutech’s ResidentGuard wander management system was the best fit for their needs.

Loretto Health and Rehab has already seen a number of benefits as a resulf of implementing ResidentGuard in their facility. ResidentGuard saves employees a lot of time during the day as it allows them to know immediately if someone is having an issue, meaning they don’t need to go back to the nurse station since the call and wander system is integrated into smart phones. This also makes things a lot quieter, providing a more professional environment and driving better quality of life for residents.

Pease shares that having a wander management system makes their facility more attractive for patients and families, “They are concerned about their loved ones getting out, and now we have a system where that can’t happen.”

Why Long-Term Care Facilities Love ResidentGuard

60% of people with dementia or Alzheimer’s will wander, which makes resident security a paramount concern for long-term care communities. The ResidentGuard LS 2400 wander management system provides safety and peace of mind, integrating directly with your existing security protocols and alerting systems.

ResidentGuard LS 2400 provides unique benefits:

  • Discreet wander wearable tag/band combination
  • Scalable, modular platform tailored to your exact needs
  • Fewer false alarms because of unique wireless frequently.
  • Resident photos (during elopement) at the door or nurse’s station
  • Full integration with exiting security and nurse call platforms

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