A new company, a new beginning. The team excitedly was looking for a word which would convey the expertise we had in the solutions arena. Another consideration was to have a domain name with that word. Luckily using Google translator we discovered Esperti which in Italian means experts. Thus was born Esperti Services and Solutions LLP.

With over 70 million users in India, WhatsApp’s popularity is ever increasing as a messaging platform for the people at large. Enterprise customers always complained that the rampant usage of WhatsApp for company information was akin to using personal e mail IDs for company related work. Besides, there was no integration possible with their LOB (Line of Business) applications. This led us to look for a solution that addressed the concerns of such wary customers which led us to TeleMessage.

The Healthcare sector in India is another segment growing by leaps and bounds. During a recent trip to the hospital thanks to the surgery of an immediate family member, we found that hospitals are challenged when it comes to enhanced patient care be it communication-related or workflow issues. Whether it was locating a nurse, or responding to a patient’s request for pain medication — it was a time-consuming effort. The solution we found was a Nurse Call System. It offers a simple way for patients and nurses to interact. It also helps nurses to get real-time notifications so as to respond to patient requests.

While researching for a nurse call system, we wanted something that would be able to locate the nurses too and so we stumbled upon RTLS (Real Time Location System). RTLS allows you to locate patients, staff and equipment in real-time. But the applications don’t just stop there. RTLS can be used across industries to help them become more productive and cost effective.

As an emerging market, India is one of the biggest and fastest growing economies in the world today. According to a report, India is cited as having the potential to become the third largest economy in the world within the next 30 years, behind only China and the USA. Conducting any business in India requires keen ability to understand some complex and some not so complex realities associated to the country even with the evolving policies of the Government, amendments to the existing statues and new laws enacted in the recent times. Compliance with these laws is always a challenging task as one miss and you will be saddled with penalties. To make life simpler, we have a total compliance solution which helps customers be 100% compliant with the laws of the land.

Email is the de facto standard for business communication across organisations at this point of time. The vast quantities of emails held in inboxes, sent folders, and deleted items folders put the organisation at risk and adversely impact the performance of email servers in the organisation. We have Mail Manager that simplifies and speeds up the process of filing, finding and sharing emails. It also helps in complying with the archival laws for any organisation. And works for an individual as well as the Enterprise.

We have a team with over a hundred man-years of experience in the business of solutions and cater to Enterprise as well as SME customers. And customer service is what we believe in. After all as Donald Porter said, “Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.”