Fall prevention and exit alarm products are simple and easy-to-use. Plug a weight-sensing bed or chair pad into an exit alarm monitor and place sensor pad under the resident in a bed or on a wheel chair. When they attempt to get up, the caregiver is notified either quietly by pager, audibly by a bed or chair exit alarm, hallway monitor or a central monitoring unit in a remote location. Floor mats are placed next to the bed or doorway to prevent exits.

Our offering specializes in all aspects of fall prevention products, mobility monitoring, anti-wandering and quiet fall prevention solutions. Several products are designed to prevent wandering of memory care residents who may have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Others are designed to help prevent falls of residents, patients or loved ones who are at high risk for falls. Devices are also available in wireless models.

Fall prevention products include:

* Bed exit alarms
* Chair exit alarms
* Pull-string fall prevention alarms
* Weight-sensing pressure pads for bed or chair exit alarms
* Weight-sensing floor mats
* Wheelchair seat belts
* Motion sensors
* Caregiver paging systems
* Anti-wandering door systems

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