Modern day work seems to require everyone to bombard you with a barrage of mails round the clock. It no longer matters what profession you are in.

If you like many others feel overwhelmed by these incessant mails, look no further. Mail Manager is here.

Mail Manager is a tool used by thousands of companies worldwide ranging for firms that are 12,000+ employees right down to 1 person. If somebody is using Outlook and controlling email is a problem for them then Mail Manager is the solution to look for.

Mail Manager organises and streamlines email workflow with two simple but powerful features – an efficient email filing tool and a fast, flexible search.

Mail Manager can be help in the following ways:

  • Save staff time and effort – make filing and finding emails quick and easy even when offline
  • Improve project management and QA compliance – file emails into one standard location where everyone can find them
  • Save money by reducing storage space whilst minimizing network traffic and the need to print emails in hard copy