The penetration of mobile usage all over the world has been growing rapidly and India is not different in any way. Corporate employees are mobile who are working not just using their laptops but also using their mobile phones. They are increasingly using applications such as WhatsApp for messaging as they are faster than e-mail. But the use of such apps also presents challenges to enterprise security.

Using WhatsApp for corporate communications is like using personal e-mail accounts for business communications. Besides, when the employee leaves the organisation, he takes away with him all the data that has been stored on his handset.

There can be no global directory in WhatsApp to identify colleagues and connect with them.

WhatsApp and other messaging applications are built for individual use. There are no APIs available for integration with LoB applications.

TeleMessage is the solution that

  • Lets you message securely with co-workers, partners & employees
  • Keeps your messages safe from prying eyes to protect enterprise communication, safeguard critical information & meet compliance standards


  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Self-Destruct Messaging
  • PIN Code Enforcement
  • Remote Lock and Wipe
  • Forward Locking

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