Effective compliance management is the driving force behind the reliable, truthful and accurate governance of the organisation and any lapse at any given point of time can jeopardise the financial as well as brand of the organisation.

“Total Compliance” is an application that helps quickly and effectively aids customers with management of compliance. It is a fully featured software with an intuitive user interface that allows users across the various hierarchies and departments of the organisation, quickly and effectively address all aspects of compliance such as Finance, Legal, HR to cite a few.

In the present day environment, failure to comply in different industries can be due to various reasons some of which are processes, document management, data integrity etc. “Total Compliance” ensures that controls are in place, so data cannot be deleted, either accidentally or maliciously and that the data is always maintained. It also integrates a DMS (Document Management System) which gives users the advantage of maintaining all of their documents in one place and the access to the documents is controlled to ensure safety of the data.


  • One Stop Solution: Fulfil compliance requirements for all departments within the organization
  • Integrated Reports: Brings all your reports needed by different departments in one place
  • DMS (Document Management System): Add, modify, view, share unlimited documents on the go
  • Out of Box Compliance : Frequently used compliance already configured
  • Custom Compliance: Build custom compliance to suit your organisational & departmental needs such as internal reporting, AMCs etc.
  • Acts and Provisions: Add additional Acts or Provisions specific to your Company
  • Easy Tracking: Track all compliance with actual dates, status, payment and facility to upload multiple documents
  • Notification and Alerts: Customisable alerts and reminders for compliance which are overdue and scheduled
  • Review: Facilitates review of critical compliance, if activated
  • Escalation: Facilitates escalation to the senior level, if compliance are not completed within time
  • Easy Configuration: Easy configuration allows the company to start tracking it’s compliance quickly
  • Subscription Based & On-site Based Licensing: Easy yearly licensing option.


  • Customise it to your own Unique Business Model: Each organisation has its own business model and hence despite the industry or processes one follows, “Total Compliance” can be easily customised to adhere to the defined business model. This allows users of all the departments create and maintain unique specifics of each and every compliance they need to fetch, which is further backed by mandatory attachment of related files.
  • One Stop Solution: Total Compliance’s integrated reporting feature allows users to form hierarchies and departments connected across geographies and monitor and track from a single platform.
  • Contracts and Renewals simplified: Different departments in an organisation are struggling daily to cope up with their respective objective of meeting renewal deadlines. These include vendor agreements, contracts, insurances, Shop & Establishment acts etc. and this is further dampened by the inability to register the specifics of the contract. Total Compliance allows users to maintain a unified list of all the contracts and renewals in one place. The notification alert feature ensures that you are notified in advance about the occurrence of a contract.

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